The Bubble Puppy-A Gathering Of Promises



Rod Prince- Lead Guitars

Todd Potter- Lead Guitars

Roy Cox- Bass Guitar

David “Fuzzy” Fore- Drums


The Bubble Puppy(Bubble Puppy) was a psychedelic rock band that was formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1966. The song Hot Smoke & Sasafrass is the hit song that they were most remembered for, from their original and only record, A Gathering Of Promises, under the name The Bubble Puppy. Though they did not have a long career, this one original album left an impression on the psychedelic music world. In my opinion, they are one of the best psychedelic rock bands from the late sixties. They first performed live as the opening act for the Who in 1967 when The Who performed in San Antonio. They got their strange name from the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

The first song off of A Gathering of Promises was Hot Smoke & Sasafrass, their one top twenty hit in the United States in 1969. The beginning of the song was a memorable one, with hard driving dual lead guitars that was to become a trademark of the record. The group wanted to develop their sound around the concept of dueling lead guitars, and this record displays this brilliantly. The vocals throughout the album have a smooth, psychedelic, mellow feel to it, with the contrast between that and some great guitar work, make for a pleasurable listening experience.

The second song on the record, Todd’s Tune, is another that displays good guitar work along with the mellow vocals that are so prevalent on the record. The next song, I’ve Got To Reach You, is the longest song on the record, and features great vocals with guitars, at the beginning of the song, that sounds a bit like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Parts of the song throughout sounds like zeppelin in spots. This is one of my favorite tunes on the record.

Lonely is a short song with a real strong psychedelic feel. The Bubble Puppy really give the whole album a strong psychedelic vibe with the just the vocals alone, and with the added awesome guitars make this record a true psychedelic masterpiece in my opinion. The title song of the album, A Gathering Of Promises, is a slow, beautiful tune, that really catches the aura of the sixties, and sounds like many of the songs that were released during this period. Elizabeth starts off with a great guitar piece that is repeated throughout the song. Very rememberable, at least to me.

Like many other bands from the middle to late sixties, The Bubble Puppy had a limited run, but they produced some of the best music that I have heard from the time period. They got together off and on in the years after the psychedelic era, but they never captured the magic that they created in the sixties. Most groups never do.

Rating: A
















4 thoughts on “The Bubble Puppy-A Gathering Of Promises

  1. Thanks for featuring one of the underrated rock band in the late 60’s. The Bubble Puppy’s first song followed by their series of entries was an example of the group’s overwhelming potential. It just sad to know that they only have a limited run. Probably, since the genre isn’t fully established during that time. However, if they were given more time, they could produce more great songs.

    1. Hi Chanan, thank you for commenting! The Bubble Puppy was a talented group, one of the many around this time in music history. They could have done more, too bad they didn’t. They probably had a lot more to say, it just didn’t happen. Thanks again and please come back and visit!


  2. This review is awesome! I have always wanted to learn more about hit music from the 60’s and with this review being my first visit to the site, I can say I am 100% hooked. The review seemed to be a little too praiseworthy of the band, but it definitely made me check them out, and I agree with the author. They are definitely an A in the era of 60s psychedelic rock.

    1. Hi Caleb, thanks for visiting, glad you liked the review! Please come back often, as I will continue posting reviews of great psychedelic bands from the sixties!


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