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Ten Years After was a jazz, blues and hard rock band that formed in England, and the height of their popularity was in the late sixties and early seventies. Although considered primarily jazz and blues rock, their music consisted of some psychedelic rock also.

The original members consisted of Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Lep Lyons and Ric Lee. The band’s popularity took off after their famous rendition of their song I’m Going Home during the original Woodstock festival in 1969. Alvin Lee performed the song powerfully and with passion, and was one of the more memorable performances of the festival.

Ten Years After in 1970
Ten Years After in 1970

Ten Years After debut record was titled Ten Years After, or more appropriately, Their First Album, and was released on October 27th, 1967. More than half the songs on the record were covers. The album, as a whole, was a mixture of jazz, blues and rock, and it was one of the first records to incorporate jazz,blues, and rock together by an English band.

The first song on the record, I Want To Know, is a cover song that starts out with shredding blues guitar, that transitions into a great vocal. This is arguably the first blues song recorded by a British rock band, and they did an outstanding job.

Although not one of the most well known early rock guitarists, Alvin Lee is one of the best in my opinion, with a wide range of playing styles. He could pull off blues, jazz, rock and hard rock guitar styles, as is apparent on his many records with Ten Years After, and on his own. This first song on the record shows the musical ability of the band, and is a good preview of what is to come.

The next song on the record, I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes is a wonderful slow blues song, that starts out sounding like The Doors. The tune is mellow, relaxing, and a great listen.

The next song, Adventures Of A Young Organ, is a great tune with a jazzy drum sound, and the use of the organ, that reminds me of being at a sporting event in between the action. Great, early jazz from a rock band!

Spoonful is an old Willie Dixon cover. It is the second longest song on the album, and features great blues guitar work by Alvin Lee. The cover is exquisite, and is a great representation of the original. Well worth listening to over and over if you like good blues.

Losing The Dogs is bluesy, but with more of a faster paced rock feel. Great vocals, great guitars work and a nice piece of whistling at the beginning of the tune that gives it a lighthearted feel. An Alvin Lee original.

Feel It For Me is another great Alvin Lee original, heavy with guitars and a great blues guitar middle, and jazzy drums. A worthy tune, featuring jazz, blues and some rock guitar mixed in as well.

Love Until I Die is another original with a nice harmonica break, giving it that old time blues feel. Don’t Want You Woman has awesome blues guitar work throughout, and shows Lee’s range as both a musician and a vocalist.

The last song on the record, Help Me, is a cover of Willie Dixon and great harmonica player Sonny Boy Williamson. It is the longest song on the record at over 10 minutes, and ends the record with a classic tune, and shows again the musical ability of the band. If you want great blues guitar, this has it all. A wonderful ending to highly intricate, well performed record. An awesome debut!

Rating: A


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  1. Hi. I looked at your website and I think you did a great job. Very informative. You have tons of options for people and you already have your affiliates on your page. Great job. Keep up the good work! If I had to suggest you do anything different I’d say add a little pop of color.

  2. I was wondering if this band was an early competitor of the Beetles? Did the get squashed by the Beetles? Or, perhaps they are very popular in the UK, relative to the Beetles?

    I just ask, because they may not be as well known as the Beetles are in the United States.

    1. Hello David, thank you for commenting! I think The Beatles were on a whole other level both in the UK and in the States. They were arguably the biggest rock act of all time, so they kind of left everybody else in the dust, so to speak! Ten Years After had quite a lot of success in the UK and in America, and Alvin Lee was one of the better musicians of the period in my opinion. Thank you so much for stopping by, please visit again!

  3. Never heard of theses guys! Well written, and the black background with white lettering looks great. I’m right there with you on the Pet Sounds album. I don’t understand the hype, but we’re also from a different time, so that might be the issue.Thanks for the info, and I’ll be checking them out soon.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and I hope you like Ten Years After! I’ll post every week so please come back and visit.

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