Blues Magoos-Psychedelic Lollipop



Ralph Scala- Keyboards, Vocals

Emil “Peppy” Theilhelm- Guitar, Vocals

Ron Gilbert- Bass Guitar, Vocals

Mike Esposito- Guitar

Geoff Daking- Drums, Percussion


The Blues Magoos were a band from The Bronx, New York City. Though they never were among the most popular bands of the psychedelic sounds of the sixties, they definitely left their mark on the genre.

The album, Psychedelic Lollipop, was the Blues Magoos debut record, released in November, 1966. This is one of the first records with the word psychedelic in the title, as it was released early on in the genre. The band had some memorable songs on the debut, a couple of the songs I had heard off and on as a youngster, before I knew the name of the band that performed them.

Arguably their most famous and well recognized song is (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet, the first song on the record. It is a very catchy tune, as are many of the songs on the record. Though the word psychedelic is in the title, and it is considered a psychedelic album, to me the record is both psychedelic rock and garage rock, depending on the song being listened to. Elements of both are definitely on the record, with no really groundbreaking feets, just a really good, entertaining record.

They record a very good version of Tobacco Road, a song originally written in 1960, and was a hit made famous by a group called The Nashville Teens in 1964. Tobacco Road has been covered by many bands over the years and it has been performed over many different musical genres. The Blues Magoos version is very good.

Gotta Get Away is a fun tune that is not so much psychedelic, as it is garage pop, and it gives the record a lighthearted break from other songs on the record, that are a little harder and a little deeper. Sometimes I Think About comes after Gotta Get Away, and is a slower, more heartfelt song, and it was one of my favorite songs on the record.

Worried Life Blues, is just that, a blues number with quite a bit of keyboards, and a very good attempt at a blues at that. There is a lot of keyboards featured on the album, and as I always seem to say, it reminds me somewhat of the sounds of the Doors, which to me, are the ultimate band that uses keyboards. I see the resemblance of the Doors in many, many psychedelic records, it is just a connection I always seem to make.

The Blues Magoos are a really talented band and although their influence on the music world may be small, they are considered a definite part of the psychedelic era, and should be treated as an important part of it, in my opinion. A band that definitely deserves a listen.

Rating: B+



4 thoughts on “Blues Magoos-Psychedelic Lollipop

  1. Hi Eric,
    This is a good review of the blues magoos.
    I must admit I haven’t heard of this band until now, but the guitarist ,mike Esposito, is a name that sounds familiar to me! Did he play in any other bands after the blues magoos?
    I do enjoy a lot of doors numbers I must admit so I’m gonna give this album a listen.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for commenting! Mike Esposito was in a band in high school with Lou Reed, later of the Velvet Underground, before the Blues Magoos. He lives in Woodstock NY I believe, at least he did. He is also an artist. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again!


  2. hi,
    im personally into 70’s and 80’s classic rock bands and I must say I’ve never heard of this band until now but I watched the embedded video and I think they have some pretty chill music I will definitely check out the rest of the album just to see what other songs they have I personally think they kind of sound similar to the Beatles.
    awesome review man and good luck!

    1. Hi Casey, thanks for stopping by, I love 70’s and 80’s classic rock also, great music in those decades! Please visit again, I’ll keep the reviews coming!


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